It’s time to embrace. It’s time to settle in. It’s time to come home. You look like you’re ready to settle into the story as it really is. You are where you are. You are what you are. You are WHO you are.

You are enough.

I want you to KNOW this, document it, celebrate and believe it for yourself. I’m here to help. Let’s document where you are now, together. I’m here to tell the story as it really happened.


Stories have the power to create connection.
I believe that settling into our own story with acceptance and courage can help us integrate our stories in a way that feels like coming home. When we share our experiences with love and honesty, we can channel the truth we hold to create meaningful relationship with ourselves and others.
Let’s create connection: in our bodies, our relationships and our businesses. 

The power 
of stories

It’s time to embrace. It’s time to settle in. It’s time to come home.
Let's settle into the story as it really is. 


I’m glad you’re here. You’re in the right place if:

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You’re exhausted from pretending that your body is different than it is.

You’re tired of making your loved ones behave a certain way for photos that don’t capture the reality of your everyday love. 

You’re worn out from ensuring your business is trending on trend with all the other trendy businesses.

You want to embrace life as it is, exactly where you are. You’re ready for a restful, authentic experience that creates photos and stories that show the honest truth. 

You’re ready to exist in the story you’re actually living.

Share your Reality with me


...I have to admit when I first saw my set that she so beautifully crafted, I was hit with a wave of emotion. I was surprised that from moments when I felt such power and peace, how could it lead to my first thought being when I finally saw the images, ‘do I really look like that’? I jumped straight to judging my body because I wasn’t where I wanted to be when it comes to loving her as she is. It’s a never-ending journey I’m sure... [Read More]



Michaela took pictures of my family when my son was a newborn. She came to our house and took unposed/natural pictures of us. There were so many pictures that we fell in love with and cherish. She was really great to work with and I highly recommend her. She has a keen eye for telling a story with her pictures.



Michaela's work is not only beautiful, but emotional. She captures each moment with the credit it deserves and does not try to alter the moment. Her photos are filled with love, compassion, and honesty. They are rich, deep and beautiful. I cannot get enough of her black and whites. She is a fantastic person to work with and I highly recommend her.



Michaela is wonderful to work with! As someone who is not very comfortable in front of a camera, she made me feel confident and beautiful. I would highly recommend her services!